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Mueller's Software Domain is a place on the internet that mainly serves as a storage space for my projects regarding old devices. It also provides a variety of useful services and is home to some game servers maintained by me.

Check out our Minecraft server!



Looking for a place to put your code? Grab a cup of tea and use our Gitea instance!


Our chat servers are all syncronised using a bot so you can join any of them and you will still receive messages from the other ones.

IRC:; pwd=msdusers2023 (web client)


For the IRC users: Our Changelog channel is also available as an RSS feed under


Cross-platform and Retro-compatible Games:

- Internet UNO

Modern Games:

- Minki's Starbound Server

Here are some web buttons/banners:

An unorganised collection of files and random data cam be found at DOMAIN/share. This folder is public for archiving reasons and for people that might be interested in some of the files in the future. MSD would not have been possible without the countless file archives like this one that people just left out there for others to use even if they might not see a use in it themselves so we have decided to contribute for the future generations of internet users in the same way.

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