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OpenGamers MC is a Minecraft: Java edition server made by the MSD Community. It is a friendly environment offering Creative and Survival worlds as well as lots of things to explore and eastereggs to find. It is fully vanilla compatible and works with any version between 1.4 and 1.20.

The server also offers a wide variety of unique plugins which allow the players to create map art, listen to music, watch full motion video and even interact with each other when using the Playable Edition VR mode. It also uses its own custom player registration system for better security which also allows it to continue normal operation during downtime of microsofts authentication servers.

There are lots more fun features in the works which will be added to the server in the future.

This server is non-profit and funded entirely by donations. Check our chat server for details on how to donate if you are interested in doing so.



Staff have final say about rules!



A futuristic city with a large sign showing the letters OGMC A view from the platform in the middle of the futuristic city showing multiple signs and a spaceship
The interior of the platform showing a large hanging circular display in the middle of the room and advertisement posters next to the exits A wider angle view of the platform interior
A field with many colorful builds and infrastructure A large metal and glass stadium building with shops inside it and an illuminated sign saying OGMC EVENT HUB
The twin towers of the world trade center reaching into the sky where the top is hidden by fog A large wall containing countless pieces of pixelart
A large airplance with the letters PAN AM written on it A building in the shape of a Power Macintosh G4 Cube
A castle in a desert with a the channel logo of the Action Retro youtube channel in front of it A large collection of floating pixel art and small builds very close to each other
A collection of larger builds including a gigantic AMD CPU Many redstone lines making up a functioning computer
A large G3 Clamshell iBook next to other large scale laptop replicas Placeholder image (Empty)


OGMC ESR Released! (2024-01-25)

Do you have slow internet which is too unreliable for netty? Are you using a version between 1.7.2 and 1.11.2? Are you tired of not having 1.12.2 features like concrete? We have the solution! Introducing OGMC ESR OGMC ESR (OpenGamersMC extended support range) is a proxied version of the OGMC server available at which aims at providing the best playing experience for survival players on all versions and snapshots between 1.7.2 and 1.11.2 using some clever packet modifications. Different to the main ports 1.4.2 to 1.11.2 backwards compatibility mode which is more of a gimmic for allowing old macs to join, OGMC ESR aims at being the most playable vanilla survival experience on legacy releases. Some notable new features present in OGMC ESR: - Items in your inventory are now "renamed" to their actual name if they are newer than your client - Experimental elytra flight on versions older than 1.9 using protocollib packets has been added - You can now use any block from newer versions in creative mode without it placing the replacement block - Newer mobs will now have a floating tag above them to make it easier to differenciate between for example a llama and a donkey - Map colour resolution has been increased for 1.7 clients using dithering - Changing your speed in spectator mode is now possible in older versions by holding right click and moving sideways *Note for PLE 1.19 and 1.20 users:* When using 1.7.10 mode to join on low bandwidth networks, make sure to disable the advanced elytra movement by pressing the B key. Otherwise you may get stuck with your camera being 90 degrees rotated until you join from a newer release.

Introducing ESR websocket support & 1.8 web client (2024-04-09)

OGMC ESR has just received support for the websocket protocol, allowing for browser-based communication with the server. In addition, we have upgraded our web client to Minecraft version 1.8.8 meaning that you can now enjoy almost all the OGMC features from the comfort of your browser. Even shaders are available although performance may suffer depending on your hardware.

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