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Due to the youtube homepage being very bloated it is almost impossible to get a decent watching experience on any pre-2010 hardware. To help devices that are having issues with youtube I made this slightly modified Invidious fork. Video conversion is handled server side to always provide supported formats only. The website is also mostly static and apart of some rendering issues it even works fine on the Wii. The original target was Safari/Webkit under leopard but it supports a lot more browsers now.


This service tends to work decently but there are some issues users commonly have. Keep in mind that those should usually not effect video playback. For example some browsers might render the thumbnails at 100% instead of tiling them. On some systems the embed for video doesnt work but in that case you can choose 360p video and audio in the download tab and open it in a new tab or a local application like ffplay or quicktime.

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