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Minecraft: Playable Edition is a highly optimised Minecraft: Java Edition modpack that has the goal to fix all the issues introduced into Minecraft by Microsoft by removing and replacing their code. To achive this, the base game has been decompiled, modified and recompiled into a patch file, a mod loader has been added and several mods have been installed. A full list of used mods and resources is in the credits section of this article. This projects secondary goal is to add useful but not out of place feeling modifications to the gameplay. They should fit the vanilla style and not cause any issues in multiplayer.

Supported Versions

We currently support versions 1.12.2, 1.19 and 1.20. Mod support is given although not all mods will work properly on all systems with our rendering system so be careful when using this as a basis for modding.


All information for modifying the jar was provided by

Some of the additional mods used:

The following alterations were made to the game jar:

The game resources were modified using a slightly modified Vanilla Tweaks resource pack. A 32x resource pack for shaders is also included.

The SEUS and RTXLite shaders are included out of the box.



To install Minecraft: Playable Edition, follow our installation guide.

Depending on what Java version you have selected as your default, you might need to change it under Edit Instance -> Settings.

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