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SearXNG is an open source meta search engine oriented towards reliable search results and privacy.

The instance running on MSD has been calibrated to avoid artificially biased search results and advertisement. It fetches its information from a large variety of search engines and services, filters for the specified keywords and shows the results. Images are proxied over the search engines IP to prevent tracking. Additionally, math parsing, weather information and file/checksum searches are also supported by default. All features can be adjusted to the users liking and can be stored as an optional cookie.


The search engine can be found at (or over http if your device does not support https).

For adding the engine to your browser or embedding a site search field in your website, use the API like follows:[two letter language code]&safesearch=[0=block nothing, 1=block some sites, 2=whitelisted only (not recommended)]

Documentation can be found here

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