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MuelCities is your place to shine on the WORLD WIDE WEB!

Ever wanted to have your own website? Here you can! Best thing is that its entirely free! (but there is a 200 mb max size limit.)

Best viewed with one of these ;-)


This is a public service so there have to be some rules so it doesnt become an absolute hellhole.

1. No NSFW content.

2. Advertisements must not be personalised.

3. User data may not be collected by your website. Any outgoing link that does should have a disclaimer.

4. There may only be one webspace registered per user.

5. Piracy is not permitted.

6. Admins/Mods have final say about these rules.

7. No fake "shop" websites, malware or otherwise suspicious content.

If you wish to submit a complaint, contact me over IRC or Discord.

Retro Web Toolkit

We carefully crafted a utility that gets you started with your website!

Click here for more details


To register for your personal web space, simply email me or send me a message on the IRC or Discord. I will create a web space for you and send you the login credentials. All access will run over SSH as either a remote drive or over a build in text editor. More (front page integration, etc) will come soon.


Click here for a full list of web spaces on MuelCities.

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