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Using older operating systems and machines on the modern web can be rather annoying. Certificate errors, broken CSS and bloated sripts make the experience less than ideal. The MSD Proxy aims to solve this issue.

There are two modes that the proxy can operate in: HTTP-only mode and dual mode (HTTP and HTTPS).

The HTTP-only mode offers many performance optimizations and bug fixes for old macs, the dual mode does not support this.

Please note: Never use HTTP-only mode for signing into servcices or banking! It is unencrypted and insecure. When using dual mode, make sure you are accessing a page over HTTPS before logging in.


Using the proxy is very simple. Under OSX you need to open up the control panel, navigate to network, select the adapter that you want to use and click on advanced options. Now you set the details below for HTTP Proxy and are ready to go.

Under Windows you need to configure the proxy inside your browser. This process is different in every browser. To find the correct way for your browser simply search for "Set proxy on [browsername]".

Under most Unix-like systems you can configure the proxy in the Network Manager over the command line or the GUI. Usually you can load a configuration from a URL. If that is the case simply use the Config URL provided below.



HTTP Port: 3080

HTTPS Port: 3443

HTTP Autoconfig file (for Unix-like systems):

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