MCL - When size DOES matter.

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Minki's Crappy Linux is a Linux-based operating system designed for machines with very little available system memory. It will be fully operational and capable of multitasking on as little as an Intel 486 66 MHz with 4 MB of RAM.


Some of MCLs features include:

  • A web browser
  • A mail client
  • A chat client
  • An office suite (editor, spreadsheet, presenter)
  • A unix-compliant development suit
  • A media player
  • An Amiga module player
  • Graphical and text based games
  • Emulators for ZX Spectrum, Apple II, Gameboy, NES and Master System
  • A CPM emulator

Live Demo:

If you are on a modern system, you can run a live demo of MCL 1.2 in your browser. Please note that when using HTTP your network requests inside MCL will always be transparent no matter if you use https or not.

Click here to try it.

But does it work?

I know a lot of you will be asking this and to that I only have to say:

  linux:~# doesitwork
  doesitwork: Of course, it's Linux!
  linux:~# _